Monday, March 30, 2009

Kulindar Subspace News Announcement

Ancients Discovery on Desert Planet Leads to Major Economic Developments

The nature of trade and agriculture in the outer arm of the primary galactic spiral is about to be changed forever. A group of amateur prospectors claimed a 500,000c reward for bringing water to the desert planet Caxton II. The Feodor Agricultural Consortium posted the reward six years ago, hoping to establish an agricultural hub in the sector. Planets in the outer arm of the primary galactic spiral often run into food shortages, leading to major price inflation. The FAC plans to establish large farms on the planet within the next 5 years.

According to a statement released by the FAC, the prospectors discovered a subspace gate constructed by the Ancients. The gate opened to an underwater gate on an as yet unidentified planet, resulting in the flooding of the desert planet. Geologists have long suspected that Caxton II was covered in water millennia ago. Meteorological experts predict violent changes in the planets weather over the next two years. The amateur prospectors could not be reached for comment.

Water water every where...

We kinda screwed up. We found Steve Hobbs' body, his PDA and other equipment. Turns out the fool met some of the rock monsters, and couldn't roll with them. Ha. His maps and records led us into a room with some strange alien device, still not sure what it was exactly, but our Psyonic opened this thing up and the next thing we knew we were swimming with sharks. And it's the friggin' desert. Now the planet's set to turn green again, according to Doc Brown, but we killed some kinda life form that lived in the dust storms, or they were the dust storms. Not really sure I care about the dust really, was quite a problem when it comes to flying on this rock.

Water in the Desert.

Yeah, that's all the news I have, except that the Psyonic has some weird wing type things she got from our new navigator. We also blasted a nest of rock-eggs and I fragged their mom with Betsy.

Oh, and the salt water destroyed all my cigars. I hate this planet.

logged by Matt

Monday, March 16, 2009


I've freaking logged in, why won't this blasted data logger not work! Stupid tech.

(Matt bashes the data logger and storms off to polish Old Betsy.)